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White trout slaughter

What a morning. My crew today came down from Hattiesburg wanting to load up on white trout. We ended up calling the trip 2 hrs early when we ran out of room to put fish. These guys were on it and kept me on my toes all morning. At one point the fish were coming in the boat so fast all i could do was unhook a fish and throw it on the floor and unhook the next fish. When it finally slowed down a little there were 30 fish flopping on the deck. We ended the day when Percy hooked into a monster redfish. Once it hit the deck, with no where to put it because of the 250+ white trout iced down. They called it a day. The inshore fishing is on fire🔥🔥🔥. I have plenty days open this month. Give me a call to come get in on the action. Marcus 228-861-7359 

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