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Group Fishing Trip

Take a Group Fishing Trip with Biloxi’s Favorite Custom Charter Company

Here in Biloxi, MS, we’re uniquely privileged to have intimate access to one of the most varied, biologically rich, and geographically complex coastlines in the entire world.
What most of us don’t have is the time and the resources to take advantage of these wonderful geographic assets and enjoy them in a meaningful way. That’s why we created Saltwater Therapy Custom Charters of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Now, you can charter your own custom group fishing trip for any group and any occasion, any time of year.                         
Make it a family event, plan a business conference on the water, bring friends, clubs, teams- or people you want to impress on a one of a kind fishing trip. Hash out ideas, recount beautiful memories and make new ones. It’s up to you.                         
Call or find us online today to learn more.

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