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Fishing Trip Company

Biloxi’s Finest Custom Fishing Trip Company

Human beings are really interesting creatures. Some of us love hunting. Some of us long to grow crops. And some of us have a deep and abiding instinct and desire to get out on the water and bring home the biggest, most beautiful creature the sea will give us.
Here at the Saltwater Therapy Custom Charters in Ocean Springs, Mississippi- we understand everyone has at least a little bit of the fisherman's instinct in them- and we cater to that deep, abiding impulse.
Reserve our 21’ Blazer bay boat for a fishing trip custom made to your fisherman’s heart’s desire. Here at Saltwater Therapy Custom Charters, our job is to make your fishing daydreams come true. And let’s face it, with this great big, beautiful bay and gulf sitting at our doorstep, it doesn’t take much to have an amazing time on the water.
Call or click today to learn more, and schedule your custom fishing trip.

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