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Boat Tour Company

The Saltwater Therapy Custom Charters Boat Tour Company

There’s an epidemic going around the Biloxi, MS area. People are sitting up at night gazing out over the ocean or dreaming of sailing out over our local coastal waters. People are driving distracted, fantasizing about hauling a great big catch up over the side, as the boat rocks lazily out on the endless waters. And so many others feverishly long to sail out to the local islands- just close enough to touch- but too far to reach.                         
It’s an epidemic of massive proportions and there’s only one cure- Saltwater Therapy Custom Charters in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Our Saltwater Therapy treatments are clinically proven to cure Biloxians of what ails them.                         
Our 21ft Blazer bay boat stands ready to administer the fishing, swimming, island exploration, and sea-gazing medicine your condition calls for.
Wellness is just a phone call away.

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